Don’t be she when real local escorts want to meet you

Why is it that as soon as you mention the word Escorts all eyes in the room are suddenly on you? I had this happen to me just a few days ago when I was telling my buddies about my latest little raunch with a local girl that seemed to know everything that I wanted.

Things started off well and I had them listening to every word that came out of my mouth, but as soon as I said she was a call girl it was like I had said a very bad word. I started wondering why they would be so judgemental like this but I soon came to the conclusion that most of it was just jealousy.

They only wished that they had the same amount of courage that I do and if they did that cheeky escort babe would be with them and not me. It isn’t such a big deal to open up to a woman and if you can’t make the first step at the very least how do you expect to ever get what you want?