How to meet a horny lady in London for sex

I don’t usually get this nervous, but it isn’t every day that you go to meet this horny lady for sex in London. I really am feeling excited about it but also a little bit what if as well. What if I meet her in person and she doesn’t like me, or what about if she wants to have sex in public but I can’t get it up? there’s so many things running through my mind but seriously I should be just going with the flow.

It’s not like we’re going on a date or anything like that, this is just pure sex plain and simple. I think if anything I’m actually the one complicating things but thinking about stuff that just isn’t going to happen. What I should be focusing on is how sweet and tight her pussy is going to be. I’ve seen a few pictures of her and lets just say if she is anything like them I’m in for one fucking awesome night of fucking.

I’m supposed to be meeting her at so not long to go now. I feel like we should have a couple of drinks and maybe a chat before we enjoy some casual sex. Again I’m just getting carried away with things, time to just relax and see what this horny lady feels like doing!