Rs2K Promo Got Us Banned At Eros

I really hate to be right, but hey someone has to be. You may have heard recently about something we called the rs2k promo, well it turns out that running that promo was grounds for being banned by Eros. Now you might think this is just sour grapes writing about how unjust the decision was, but shouldn’t people hear the truth? You’re darn right they should just because you run a large escort directory you shouldn’t be able to push people around, or just ban them for something as petty as this. The roomservice2k promo and the TOFTT was nothing more than an advertising strategy to ensure guys just like yourself got a good deal on escorts and other services. If you want to talk about sour grapes let it be known that TER in fact passed on the BestGFE TOFTT offer that they declined! I think you’re starting to understand that sometimes things go a little deeper than most people think.

Now just because someone over at TER or GFE Club woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or didn’t get much sleep the night before isn’t going to stop us from using other escort review boards that aren’t so “inflated”, we know there’s still good people out there and it’s us few that will continue to post accurate escort reviews to help out our fellow men and women. It’s a sad day really when you get banned for just telling the truth, it’s like a certain amount of people want you to lie and spin this bullshit review of this “gorgeous” escort when it just wasn’t the case. I guess in the end as long as there’s people willing to stand up, there will be people like us willing to listen and take action when the need arises!